From blend development through to roasting and grinding

In-cup quality is one of the greatest factors for success. That’s why high, reproducible quality of the capsule contents is so important to us. We therefore process raw materials in a very gentle way, for example through slow drum roasting and chilled, multi-level grinding for coffee, and using optimal processes for tea. We also use top-quality milk products originating from one of our sister companies. From this starting point, we create blends and milk capsules which we develop for you with great attention to detail, matching them or producing them in job order production.

Every blend is unique

  • Composition from green coffees/teas
  • Many different parameters: e.g. roasting, grind levels, degassing, fill weight
  • Standardisation: Natural variations in the raw ingredients are continuously balanced
  • Optimisations when consumer behaviour changes
  • Optional: Decaffeination
  • Optional: Added flavourings, e.g. caramel, vanilla and cardamom for coffee or bergamot, lemon and fruit for tea

Blends according to your taste

We offer you three methods of collaboration to develop the ideal blends for you.


Do you have successful blends which your customers have loved for years – and want a system to use at home? We match these blends. Do your customers love particular flavours in our current products? We create blends for you with a comparable flavour profile.

Job order production

Simply deliver your beans or blends to us. We will produce your capsules using them. We will store your roasted coffee in special silos and grind it according to your requirements to match with your capsule orders. In this way, we will ensure consistent availability.

New development

You give us core data such as price levels and target markets and we will develop blends together with you. Inclusive test batches and tests. We will work out a long-term range strategy with you, we will monitor trends and suggest new flavours.

Roasting and grinding

Slow roasting, gentle grinding and precise blending are the key production steps when it comes to coffee. Only in this way is it possible to tease out all of the nuances of flavour from the raw materials. And you can taste it. That’s because when you derive 100% flavour from a good-value green coffee, it can beat the more expensive green coffee which has only had 90% of its flavour derived in taste tests. And when it comes to tea? The main factor with tea is ensuring optimal shredding of the tea leaves.

Roasted coffee

  • Monitored degassing
  • Recipe-controlled, monitored grinding settings
  • Slow roasting for optimal aroma development
  • Temperature-controlled, multi-level cone mills with chill function instead of simple roller mills, perfectly maintained
  • Blend after roasting: Only if every variety has been separately roasted and then blended and homogenised will the desired flavour profile be produced


  • Gentle shredding of the tea leaves to the ideal degree
  • Adapted to the tea variety and the desired flavour
  • Intensive drying of the fruit pieces
  • Innovative mixing of trendy tea drinks, e.g. chai latte
  • For tea blends: Each type of leaf is individually shredded before packaging and blending takes place.


  • Fermentation of the beans in the countries of origin
  • Roasting the beans for the typical flavour
  • Adjusting the fat content for optimum flavour
  • Adjusting the ph value for the well-known reddish brown colour
  • Mixing the pure cocoa powder with other selected ingredients

Our quality commitment: Precision and optimisation

Computer-controlled roasting and grinding ensure that precise results are produced, which are subject to additional verification and optimisation processes by taking samples and carrying out analyses. Our sensory evaluation team checks the flavours on a constant basis in order to ensure that we deliver the perfect treat. Finally, the cleaning intervals of the equipment are carefully timed and are consistently monitored.