About K-fee System GmbH

K-fee System GmbH, based in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne, is a capsule company and forms part of the KRÜGER GROUP. In one location, raw ingredients are purchased, stored, roasted, ground, packaged in capsules and dispatched. All management disciplines, such as Research & Development, and Marketing and Sales, are based in the same location. This guarantees short lines of communication, rapid processes and cross-disciplinary technical expertise.

Capsule system K-fee launched in 2011 and is based on numerous patents and tried and tested Swiss technology. It is successfully used by renowned coffee brands, coffeehouse brands and chains around the world. Since 2016, K-fee PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM for OCS and restaurants has also been in existence.

As a member of the KRÜGER GROUP, K-fee benefits both from many years of experience in the coffee, tea and cocoa segment as well as its comprehensive service and logistics network which has been established for over 40 years. The KRÜGER GROUP operates in more than 100 countries and has been exporting for more than 40 years. On its own steam, it has become the European market leader for instant products such as soluble coffee, cocoa or tea specialities in less than ten years and is one of the top three manufacturers of industrial sweeteners in the world.

Find out everything there is to know about K-fee System

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What we offer you – the concept for success

K-fee – your system is a closed, patent-protected capsule system consisting of drinks capsules and capsule machines, fully independent of third-party manufacturers. Use our system as a white label capsule system for your brand and for your market, and achieve top quality. You have full control over flavours, capsule machines, positioning, marketing, distribution – and margins.  With the K-fee capsule system, you can decide to have full entrepreneurial freedom without having to invest in research, development or production plants.

Our vision. Our mission.

Multi-beverage platform

We want to offer the ultimate range of treats with our outstanding hot drinks – with coffee, tea, drinking chocolate and specialities.

Solutions for at home and for professionals

We want to offer capsule machines which feature unique and technically attractive designs, for use at home, in offices and by professional users.

Pioneering production plants

We want to optimise production plants with modern technology on an ongoing basis in order to continuously improve efficiency and enjoyment.

Operational worldwide

We want to nurture and develop partnerships in the EMEA, America, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Strong partnerships

We want to successfully collaborate with our system partners on a long-term basis.

Tailor-made solutions

We will support our system partners in the manner they desire in any way imaginable.

Sharing expertise

We support our system partners with our knowledge of trends, sourcing, research and technology.

High innovative power

We are constantly developing new drinks recipes, machine technologies and marketing support.

Sustainability in practice

We continue to minimise our energy requirement and constantly seek out environmentally-friendly solutions for the entire system.

Best in-cup quality for your money

We want to enable our partners to be in a position to offer excellent value for money in their market.

Quality management

Both you and your consumers expect consistent taste and the highest quality. Every day. We will make sure of that. We will do so with a quality management system which includes all steps from delivery to dispatch.

Product quality

Raw ingredients of the quality you expect. Careful onward processing. First-class enjoyment every time.

Complete monitoring

With sensors, technology and experts. Traceability in every capsule.

Production quality

Modern techniques and the best technologies. Complex drum roasting, precise capsule filling to 1/10 gram.


Product analysis e.g. with in-house laser diffractometer.

Externally verified

We are IFS Food & BRC certified.


Only humans can evaluate one million nuances of flavour.

We love checklists

  • Incoming goods inspections: Sensory and analytical
  • Batch monitoring using in-house transport containers with RFID technology
  • Computerised roasting, grinding and packaging
  • Analyses throughout the entire production chain
  • Spot checks of the prepared capsules: Tightness of the seal, oxygen content, sensor technology in the laboratory
  • Verified cleaning intervals within the facility
  • Sensory evaluation team involved at every stage of production
  • Visual checks of the packaging etc.
  • The batch number is printed on each capsule and item of packaging
  • All data in relation to each batch is saved in an electronic database