Modern capsule production

The K-fee System was founded as a capsule company only and it benefits from the extensive development and production know how of the KRÜGER GROUP with regard to capsule production and the development of new products. Our innovative strength and leading manufacturing technologies make us a competent partner for your business and your success.

The use of modern technologies and their continuous further development is an important principle at K-fee System. Our state of the art production facility is located in Bergisch Gladbach and is geared to produce the highest quality, maximum flexibility and complete effectiveness, from the delivery of the raw materials to the roasting and grinding stage through to the packaging facility. For full control of all processes, greater efficiency and exquisite indulgence.


We are efficient! We have plenty of ideas which lead to clever, cost-saving solutions. We benefit from short distances and conveyor belts which save on transport costs and handling. We benefit from automation and robots which take over monotonous tasks. We avoid errors through automated batch tracking and visual checks. Finally, we also have a plant-wide energy-saving management solution.

Passion for technology

  • Precision filling down to the last 0.1 gram
  • Multi-level, chilled grinding
  • Computer-controlled production, based on recipes
  • Sophisticated conveyor belt systems
  • Flavour-enhancing drum roasting which is controlled to the last second
  • Internal batch tracking using RFID
  • Implementation of robots in packaging and pallet-loading
  • The latest analysis systems
  • The capsules are filled under a protective atmosphere (nitrogen) for <1% residual oxygen in the capsules

Our quality commitment: To produce quality which can be reproduced.

We use modern technology in our computer-controlled production facility, from drum roasting to the chilled grinding stations through to capsule filling with precision to the last 1/10 gram – under a protective atmosphere, with an aroma seal. Each batch of raw ingredients is tracked from delivery to dispatch and can also be traced using the capsule code. For consistent quality, we analyse every batch at every stage of production.